Be Better than you are right now

June 21, 2016 5:46 pm

This is one of the many lessons learned that from my oldest child who is currently serving in the Army.  Every minute we live and every action we take there is a consequence.  When you choose to purchase an automobile, by choosing to buy a hybrid or electric one our future is effected in a positive way – by making that choice, you are choosing to help our environment.  If we all treat each other with respect and kindness, it will come back and reward you and others. Communities will bond. When you choose to purchase a home in Indigo Park, Kiawah Island, SC you are making the same choice you did when choosing the hybrid or the electric car investment – making you a better person and certainly a better citizen, helping the world to be better.  Indigo Park homes have GeoThermal heating and cooling, not many neighborhoods have that as a standard item, it is certainly the only neighborhood in Kiawah Island that does.  NuCedar siding requires no painting, does not fade, and is totally recyclable…this is also standard in all Indigo Park homes, again, no other Kiawah neighborhood can claim that.  Indigo Park homes have many other unique and eco-friendly features.  This is how DyalCompass plays – we try everyday to be better and better.  DyalCompass is proud that Indigo Park has the location and features to be the best neighborhood on Kiawah Island ! It is therefore no surprise that the the Indigo Park homes are the number one most requested rental homes on the island. Come test drive the best and rent an Indigo Park home – See what ‘be better than you are right now’ feels like.

Conservancy Near Your Home

June 9, 2016 1:35 pm

Does your home support preservation and conservancy? Medical studies around the country show how materials in a home and homes near parks are part of supporting a conservancy life. In fact, living around a park, with a view of nature, aids one’s health. Indigo Park in Kiawah Island SC is the epitome of health. A three-acre park as the heart beat of Indigo Park is our conservancy. The four model homes display again and again materials that honor nature. LEED building methods are all oxygen to our lives.  With views, preserving our water, savings on heating and cooling, utilizing geo thermal, electric car chargers – Indigo Park is the future. Conservancy is also in the DyalCompass projects in NYC. The West Village townhouse is going full throttle on installing a green roof and a garden that requires little water because it mainly uses collected rain water for irrigation. The insulation membrane acts as a blanket for the heating and cooling system. The home is equipped with the latest Daikin HVAC system which is one of the most efficient available. The home’s windows are highly insulated and are prepared to say hello to any hurricane that may decide to visit NYC! Just like our Indigo Park homes in Kiawah Island, SC, the DyalCompass townhouses in New York City are in the AP class of smart homes. Our townhouses will have shades programmed to go up and down when you are not even there. You will have the ability to change the temperature, open the door for a package and play music – all from the roof deck or even abroad! Yes, tomorrow is here and it lives in a five –bedroom townhouse in the West Village. It will make its cameo on the runway this fall. DyalCompass could not be more proud of creating a little “conservancy” in New York City!

The Cars of the Future Coming to #IndigoPark

March 21, 2016 12:46 pm

Please mark your calendars and join us on Kiawah for this informative and fun event!


Learning about Sustainability in Charleston

February 17, 2016 8:49 pm

What a night to remember!  This past week, Daniel Ravenel Sotheby’s sponsored an amazing event in downtown Charleston at the Harbor Club – and it was all class. The evening’s theme was education about LEED certified building and sustainability in South Carolina and featured the Indigo Park development in Kiawah as a stellar example on how to plan and execute a sustainable home for a sustainable and healthier life. Stuart Williams, a former United Nations speaker, spoke about sustainability; Hamilton Davis, who works for the Costal Conservation League, updated us on energy and policy both locally and nationally.  Hamilton addressed why one should care. Craig Gentilin, partner at Royal Indigo Construction, spoke of the advancements in green building products and how these materials are so important in sustainable building. The night was about living and developing with a conscience. As I drove home to Kiawah from downtown Charleston I smiled! Yes, a sustainable smile. We spoke to a packed house of over 125 – standing room only. I felt like part of a grassroots movement. This is not about Dyal Compass, not about Indigo Park, not about Sotheby’s – it is about how everyone is connected and how the way we each live our own life effects all of us. One person may go geothermal, another may install hurricane windows, someone else says no to grass and a few may sign a petition against excessive developing. Yes, that is called a grass roots movement, and I could not be prouder to have been a part of it.

We Don’t Need $3 billion to Do What’s Right

November 9, 2015 8:24 pm

Finally, “Aiming Higher“, an article that recently appeared in the Sunday New York Times, begins to address making the world better. Dyal Compass builds with a conscience – always LEED. Less gas emissions, less fossil fuel by using geo thermal, more prepared for hurricanes by using Dade County hurricane certified windows, better insulation, etc. It helps the home owner and the island and the state and the country for years to come. Now that is how to live. The quote from Mr. Gelles’ article that appeared in the NY Times Sunday Nov 8th 2015 edition, “The Rockefeller Foundation, with an endowment of more than $3 billion is focusing on the theme of resilience in the hope that its grants will make cities and communities more sustainable.” resonated with Dyal Compass. We are not a $3 billion foundation, but we are a healthy company that can take a step for more sustainability in what we build. Dyal Compass is well aware that structural deficiencies cause damage if building are not done right. We need to build for the future. Indigo Park in Kiawah Island, SC helps save water, reduces utilities bills and dramatically reduces gas emissions. Just like everyone can buy an electric or hybrid car, Dyal Compass is making it possible to buy the equivalent in a home. How was Rome built, one day at a time? I can’t help think but that more and more foundations are looking at addressing not just the symptoms but also the source of the problem. Come to the Indigo Park Kiawah Island, SC Nov 14th 2015 tour of LEED community saving the environment one home at a time. CYRA_7001