Dyal Compass, LLC

Dyal Compass, LLC is a real-estate-development company that, in collaboration with a world-class team of architects and builders, creates high-end luxury residences with LEED certification, which honors nature. The company’s goal is to design and develop properties for environmentally aware clients who value green building practices, minimal maintenance requirements, and exceptional craftsmanship. Taking pride in its approach to fostering responsible living practices, Dyal Compass’s motto is “Luxury Living—with a Conscience.”

Candace Dyal

Candace Dyal, president of Dyal Compass, LLC, is a fearless leader in the green-living movement. Combining her international achievements in real estate at Holmes & Kennedy in Chappaqua, New York and London, England with her considerable business experience on Wall Street at Oppenheimer & Company, she brings a unique set of tools to the industry—keen real-estate acumen and a passion for the health and future of our planet. These real-life experiences, supported by her undergraduate degrees in economics and psychology from Wheaton College and graduate degree in psychology from London’s Birbeck College, inform her goal of providing high-end homes for the environmentally aware.

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